Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mr. Apple and Mr. Moosey Amigurumi

Pheew....finally I have a time to update my post.
Here are my latest work of crochet, I tried to make an amigurumi for a design contest. 
Honestly, I didn't expect to win. I challenged my self to make amigurumi with my own design and pattern. 
I spend hours to watch amigurumi tutorials from youtube and It took me around 2-3 days to make this crochet done @_@
What I've learned from making amigurumi were first, it's better for use to use many colors of yarn (3 colors are minimum). Second, use a smaller hook size than suggested. Third, use different crochet hook size and different size of yarn to develop a texture. And the last is use this technique instead of the magic ring (many thanks to her for making very useful tutorial ;). Well that's all so far but I'm sure there will be more tips if I keep practicing ;).

Mr. Apple taking care his children version


Oooo...this little fella just fell off from the tree.


Then I changed the head to Mr. Moosey. 
Which version do you like?



Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Little Orange

I just saw many amigurumi tutorial videos from youtube and I give it a try to make this orange amigurumi. For the orange pattern I tried to figure it out by myself and for the leaves pattern I got it from here

"Hello there! My name is Harry, nice to meet you." 

I made this orange amigurumi house to make him warm during winter. Yes, it's warm enough and he seems enjoy to stay in. But since one of hamster's habit is like to gnawing so he made another hole here and there. Now there are three access to go inside XD.

Source :

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Design Your Own Fabric Button

Today I experiment with fabric button tool. I had small piece of cotton fabric and a small amount of embroidery thread left from my previous project. I made some sketches then applied it on a fabric. And here they are...

Button maker tool

I think if I use linen they will look much more better.