Monday, September 30, 2013

Lemon for Your Skin

My skin type is oily and have a lot of acne scars. No matter I popping it or not, it will always leaves a marks on my face. I did see several doctor and most of them always gave me many kind of whitening cream and suggest me to have a monthly treatment. Meh! this treatment will cost me a fortune and off course wasting my time as well.

Then I found natural remedies for acne scar, skin lightening, and body odor. Did I mention 'body odor'? Yes, I did. Here is my story, it's been a long time I battle against body odor. My underarm is very sensitive, I have to use non perfumed deodorant or my underarm skin will turn darker (yikes!). But this non perfumed didn't help much to prevent my body odor all day. It usually last only for 2-3 hours. I was thinking maybe if i use a good brand it will work, but it didn't help me either. 

Then I tried to rub lemon on my under arm. Woow...I'm so happy with the result. It can prevent my body odor all day and also lighten my underarm skin. And it helps to fade any old acne scars on my face tooIt's about one month treatment now and I haven't had any bad side effects so far. 

* Please note that some people may be will get a different reaction to this remedies. It's better consult with your doctor first.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Doilies Crochet Shawl

Here is my new crochet project, doilies shawl. The size is kinda small but it's look great hanging on my shoulder ;p. Too bad summer is almost over in here. Which means that I only have a little time to wear it.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hanging Crane Origami

Hi there, I just back from 100 yen shop. I bought some origami paper, paper puncher, yarn, and color papers. I am planning to make some mobile for my plain window and also teach my daughter how to make an origami. After I made 32 cranes paper, 32 pom pom, and 64 stars, now i feel so happy because I can decorate my window with cheap stuff ;).

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Birthday Gift with Love

My daughter got an invitation to a birthday party in Kobe this weekend. Looking for a birthday gift it's kinda tricky but it's my favorite part. I was thinking to give something unique, special and off course, handmade! And these bunny things came into my mind. 
I hope she will like it.

I am not an expert crocheter so maybe you will find many mistakes in this diagram. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you find something wrong with this pattern.


I never thought before making your own plush doll will be so much fun. You can design your own creature and try to figure it out how to make it.
It's a long process, first I start sketching then make a pattern, next step is sewing, and the last is adding details. And these process will take much moooore time if you get interrupted on each step, like you have to clean up the house, groceries shopping, cooking, scrubbing off toilet etc..etc..*jeritan hati ibu rumah tangga yang ga punya pembantu XD.  

Since I made my own design, I didn't follow another crafter's pattern and tutorial, my plush doll ended up with lots of stitches on doll joint area. That's why I called her Franken"bunny"stein.
No matter how ugly she is, my heart melted when my daughter said " I think she is cute mama".'s only a beginning, i won't give up to make another plush doll.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Little Spark of Creativity

This week i'm so lazy to go anywhere. So I just playing around with these pin needles and i would like to share it with you. I hope you will enjoy it.

Siti made the sun's face :D.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Make Your Own Stylish Pin Needles

Since i wore hijab I have so many pin needles at home. These pin needles function is to secure my hijab and as a decoration as well.
There are many pin needles with decoration on top in the market, but I don't like them because they were made from cheap plastic and look not stylish too. And pin needle with a small head/plain (like picture below) always left a hole on my scarves. 

I need something fancy and elegant pin needles for a wedding party next year.  The idea came from Turkish mosaic lamp. I use a crystal beads to give a sparkling and shimmering effect on my hijab scarf. Then I use all purpose glue/super glue to hold them all together.

Pin Cushion

It has been almost two years that I didn't touch my sewing machine.  It was covered with dust and look so lonely :D. So today I gave it a try to refresh my sewing skill by making a pin cushion. This will proves my gratitude to my husband who had paid my sewing class two years ago. I'm sure he will be proud of me, lol!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Easy Crochet

Most of Japanese people like to dress up, and i'm sure everybody knows that their style are so unique and simple. And I think they like stripes motifs so much. Every time I wear a stripes clothes then by coincidence I will meet some people who wear the same outfit too.Yes, i understand that this motif is very simple, casual, and never goes out of date. That's why i loooove it too ;).
Here is my new crochet project style with stripes tee. 

I redraw this pattern diagram because I alter some part of the pattern to make it more smaller.

These are the basic stitches that I use in this project.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Waiting for Autumn

I love fall season colors, ginkgo leaves will turn to yellow, and mapple leaves will turn gradually from yellow to red. Not so cold wind also will be perfect for this scarf to warm my neck. At the moment i'm so crazy with mustard color and i think it can spice up this dull brown crochet.
What do you think?

Here is the crochet pattern, but I made it as a shawl ;p.

Here are the basic crochet stitches that I use in this project

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