Thursday, August 29, 2013

Flower Curtain Holder

Living next to kindergarten was my dream when I was a child. The only reason was I can pop up at school right at the time when school's bell ringing.  After 23 years later my dream comes true. We live next to my daughter's kindergarten which means I walked less than 10 steps to reach her school lol! 

So lucky that I don't have to wake up early and cycling to drop her at school. If I forgot to put her cup or towel in her bag, I can pass it easily to her and the most favorite part is I can wave my hand to her whenever I want through our window :D. Then another problem came up, most of her friends would calling me whenever they see me. I feel bad about it because my appearance will distract their attention to the teacher. 

I decide to make a curtain holder rather than buy another sheer fabric as a curtain because I plan to spend less money as possible. And I can use some materials from my previous crafting project. 

Step by step tutorial

Sorry if i made a mini size and less details in the tutorial, because some materials were ran out.

Final look...

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